The Intention & The Idea




The idea, was created to intentionally initiate and introduce an onsite health and wellness experience like no other, that inspires, informs and empowers healthy lifestyles!

THE ILIVE EXPO was conceived in 2010, with an intentional purpose to facilitate a much-needed, and focused conversation between women/mothers, and National Corporate wellness brands! With our initial launch we sold out within days, our first event with over 2100 attendees in Arlington, Texas. We have remained true to our original purpose to facilitate, and promote wellness and wholeness, through implementing onsite event experiences that Educate, Energize and Empower the lives of our attendees!




The Engagement




THE ILIVE EXPO brings together women/moms and girls for one social engagement experience! Our attendees will gather together from city to city, and from miles around in the great BIG heart of Texas to sample and buy products, fitness demonstrations, cooking healthy challenges, and more, while corporate sponsors can promote their intentions, goals, messages, programs and products in an interactive setting that is ideal for branding awareness. Our goal is to create a healthier, safer and more enriching life for girls and women, your company will have numerous marketing opportunities through direct touch points and experiences with our attendees.

The Experience




The 7th Annual iLIVE Expo is North Texas largest Wellness and Lifestyle expo of its kind! This high energy and electrifying event is for women and girls; with a variety of speakers, authors, seminars, vendors, music and, empowerment. Our goal is to bring together local and national companies that specialize in health and wellness, as well as increasing financial and entrepreneurial awareness by promoting a day full of informative lectures on a variety of wellness topics and interactive events for women of all ages.   You’ll come away empowered to make the best choices for your life.

The iLIVE Expo is a All things Girly & Healthy one day event for women and girls!

The ILIVE Women's and Girls Wellness & LifeStyle Expo is an event property owned and managed by Bee Empowered Inc.


Bee Empowered Incorporated, operates as a non-profit organization under the Federal 501(c)3 IRS code.

Our Mission is to promote wellness and wholeness, through implementing programs which Educate, Engage and Empower lives! 


Since 2010 BEE Empowered Inc. has implemented a wide range of prevention focused programs, and community related special events/forums/seminars/workshops and social marketing campaigns that address key women’s and youth girls wellness and health issues. Our community programs have serviced over 10,000 women in the DFW Metroplex. 

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