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iLIVE Expo Curator, Host & Speaker:

Demi Austin-Thomas

When you first get a glimpse of what a single day in the life of Demi Austin-Thomas entails, you begin to wonder if she somehow has more than 24 hours in her day. Your first encounter with this dynamic wife and mom of three is guaranteed to be a whirlwind of passion, excitement and motivation bundled up into a highly-acclaimed business woman, supported by her many clients and followers!​

Demi Austin-Thomas, is dedicated and passionate about the importance of Women's and Girls Wellness issues, and has a heart for  teen girls. Her heart and passion is to Shock, Rock and Ignite the lives and Hearts of Moms! 

iILIVE HERStory Panel Speaker:

Seehum Isa

Currently a Communications Specialist for Sundance Square in Fort Worth. By 24, she had already given a TED talk on faith and religion and authored a children's book called "I See You," to teach children the difference between tolerance and acceptance. She's a strong believer in finishing what you start and believes in acceptance over tolerance, which means accepting that not everyone is alike and we were all raised differently, believe differently and work differently.

iILIVE HERStory Panel Speaker:

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor is a Mind-Behavior Expert (MBe) coming from a professional background in psychology and mental health in education and sports . During the earlier part of her education and career she became interested in research and writing in the areas of psychology and mental health. So, she added writing and publishing to her resume as she became an author and then publisher of mental health and wellness.


With her diverse work and professional experience, she integrated her portfolio to create TTE: Mental Health and Wellness Firm. Her practice focuses on mental health and wellness in schools, sports, and using writing and publishing as way to further extend the education, support, and healing of mental health and wellness.

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iILIVE HERStory Panel Speaker:

Alli Koch


Alli Koch is the hands and heart behind Alli K Design. She has created a name for herself using her unique drawing style and staple black and white color palette. As a visual artist and illustrator, Alli is on a mission to inspire others to create beautiful things; This has led her to publishing two books, “How to Draw Modern Florals” and “Florals by Hand”, as well as recording a weekly podcast with her dad called “Breakfast with Sis.” When she is not out painting murals around DFW, you can find Alli in her studio drinking a Chick-Fil-A sweet tea. 

iILIVE HERStory Panel Speaker:

Marie Sifuentes


Marie Sifuentes is a visionary leader and innovator. She is a mother to Preston Ryan who will soon turn four. She’s a shoe lover, ordained minister, Cuban coffee maker, notary public and a strong woman advocate. She loves to learn and grow from all experiences possible. Marie is a 10 year member of the un-carrier. She started as a seasonal Mobile Expert and is currently a Territory Manager for T-Mobile. She is looking forward to completing her MBA in June of 2020.

iILIVE HERStory Panel Speaker & Host:

MiKaylan Symone


Back by Popular demand..and here's why.. PASSIONATE, UNASHAMED AND FEARLESS! Mikaylan ignites and provokes the hearts of Women and Girls to love themselves and to know thine self within! MiKaylan Thomas is the Founder and President of Arise Global Movement. She is currently a senior at Baylor University and is a Child and Family Studies major. After she graduates she will be attending nursing school to become a Pediatric/Family Practice Nurse Practitioner and do medical missions! MiKaylan has a passion for Jesus and inviting other people to have a relationship with Him and to simply become "UNDONE! She loves missions and learning about different cultures.  Favorite hobby~Playing basketball and enjoying the outdoors! Learn More about MiKaylan

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iILIVE Expo "Ask The Doc" Hostess & Panel Speaker:

Kisha L. Allen

                             Emcee.  Experiential Speaker. & Author

Kisha L. Allen is a servant leader. She is a woman of excellence that is creative, resourceful and passionate about life and people! Kisha L. Allen, a Dallas, TX native and  author of Manifesting MORE and  Created to Network. She wrote these books to help individuals transform their lives and disrupt patterns and habits that may be limiting them from being successful, finding peace or leading a more fulfilled life. Kisha sees things strategically and holistically. She works daily to help people simplify their life and use their existing resources to get where and what they want.

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