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I'm Jess Bowie. I am a devoted wife and mother who delicately balances working full-time in Corporate America. All while trying to be the very best and active friend and daughter to others! I'm currently a resident of the city of Dallas, TX. Also, I'm a committed follower of Jesus Christ. I once desired the lifestyle that I NOW have with being a mother, a wife and full time worker, but had zero hope of attaining it. I wanted to be fully committed to be career, while also managing a happy, safe, healthy, and comfortable environment and space for my family. Because of those reasons, it's vital to me to bridge that gap between the two for my fellow millennial women. 

I'm passionate about teaching and showing women how to KILL THE GAME at wearing multiple hats while still maintaining a strong sense of self. I've mastered how to successfully run a household, while putting myself first. I understand it's a massive task to take on, and I LOVE equipping women with the tools to make it look easy.