Maria Luce

Maria is an Author, Radio and Television Personality, Journalist, spokesperson, reporter, public speaker, entrepreneur and most importantly, Mom. At her core – she’s a storyteller, a communicator. This year alone, Maria has written and been part of three books.  Her first book, The Empowered Mom will be available to the public in August.  Earlier this year, Maria was featured in the book, Behind Her Brand.  And she is putting the finishing touches on a parenting book called, “How to Talk to Your Kids When Tragedy Strikes” and “The Empowered Mom. Your Must-Have Guide: From Powerless to Empowered & Kicking A**”.

A self-admitted “Type-A” personality, Maria founded The Empowered Mom, mentoring, coaching and inspiring fellow moms, savvy business owners and MOMpreneurs.  Maria is driven by ambition, fueled by faith and the building blocks of her life are her boys, her family and her faith. Besides running her businesses, she runs a busy household where chaos reigns and hilarity ensues daily.

The Empowered Mom is like a Mommy, but with an attitude. It encourages women to step out of the shadow of others in into their full potential. Mentoring, training and coaching savvy entrepreneurial women and moms – and all those aspiring to realize their personal, spiritual, family, parental AND professional goals is core to our mission.

Embracing, evolving, expanding, encouraging – The Empowered Mom embodies strength, beauty, vitality and power-packed energy. Living and existing is not enough, Thriving is key. That’s The Empowered Mom. It’s about a woman’s unique and individual path. Respecting the decisions and choices you make in your life –family. The Empowered Mom – at its core – is the belief that whether at home working or in an office working – the FULFILLED mom is her best, most loving, caring, FULFILLED and happy in the area that helps her THRIVE and feed her soul. If she’s giving every last bit of herself away, her spirit fades and she loses her power. Here’s the secret: key to The Empowered Mom is that YOU decide your ‘all’. We encourage you to make that happen through inspiration, information, empowering messages of hope, faith, motivation and a movement embracing the role of The Empowered Mom.