Demi Austin-Thomas 

 When you first get a glimpse of what a single day in the life of Demi Austin-Thomas entails, you begin to wonder if she somehow has more than 24 hours in her day. Your first encounter with this dynamic wife and mom of three is guaranteed to be a whirlwind of passion, excitement and motivation bundled up into a highly-acclaimed business woman, supported by her many clients and followers!

While balancing her career as Certified Parent Coach, and CEO of Bee Empowered Inc. Demi can be described as an edgy and contemporary trending mom, combining an old school upbringing with her contagious energy and a passion for healthy parenting.Known to be a straight shooter with “no excuses and no chaser honey! “ She makes no apologies for her unconditional and intense tough love coaching sessions with parents and their teens. 


Many of the at risk teens that Demi has worked with, have been runaways, addicts, or teen moms. Demi's ability to connect with these teens stems from her ability to simply relate. She was once a teen that struggled with her own identity, self-worth, rejection and placement in life.Demi understands the importance of maintaining a balanced relationship as a parent, but also advocates her coaching to be the voice of reason for both parents and teens.


Demi believes that there is no perfect guide on how to be the best parent. She believes parents can provide a relevant and direct approach to communicating by meeting your teen where they are emotionally, and mentally, without forfeiting the role as the parent. Her coaching techniques are old school with a redefined approach to cultivate families and bridge the gap between parents and their teens. Her goal is to bridge the gap, cultivate parenting relationships and, bring families back together again!

Demi is the most authentic and transparent parent coach that you will instantly fall in love with. Demi has appeared on a national talk show Bethenny Frankel, and interviewed with various other types of media outlets.