2017 Sponsors


As a restaurant, we’re proud to say we’ve made some changes for you, our customers. Without you, there would be no us. So, we’re making it our mission to be the McDonald’s you want. One that’s dedicated to improving the way we prepare our quality food and the ingredients that go into it. One that understands that what’s good for you and your family is good for us. That’s why our food philosophy is this—The Simpler The Better


Medical City Arlington provides a full service cardiovascular program for our patients. Our facility is accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers and has some of the most technologically advanced equipment to treat your heart health needs. We offer advanced diagnosis, treatment and care of cardiovascular disease, from non-invasive diagnostics to interventions and emergency care. From bypass surgery to cardiac rehab, our dedicated team of cardiac specialists will guide you from diagnosis to recovery.


BBVA Compass understands that every individual and company has unique dreams and ambitions, needs and wants. We realize that few take the same path in the faster, busier, and more complex world we live in. We get it. Whichever path you choose, and whenever you need us, we want to create opportunities for your bright future. From the smallest moment, to the largest personal or professional life event, BBVA Compass is there for you.


Walmart.com goal - providing easy access to more of Walmart - is evident in the more than 1,000,000 products available online and in the innovative businesses that Walmart.com continues to develop, such as Music Downloads and 1-Hour Photos, which gives customers the convenience of ordering products online and picking them up at a local Walmart.

In short, Walmart.com is passionate about combining the best of two great worlds - technology and world-class retailing - to give customers a wide assortment of their favorite products, Every Day Low Prices, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly service, convenient hours (24 hours, 7 days a week) and a great online shopping experience.


When you are sick or injured, the last thing you need is a long wait at the doctor's office or emergency room. You deserve quality medical care that's also convenient. CareNow® is dedicated to reducing your wait while improving your health. Next time you or a loved one is under the weather, visit a CareNow® clinic to feel better fast. With more than 70 urgent care clinics around the United States, CareNow® is ready to serve you near your home, workplace or school. Our clinics are open 7 days a week and stay open late to provide care when you need it the most.


Healthy Kids, Healthy Families (HKHF) began in 2011 as a three-year initiative designed to improve the health and wellness of at least one million children through community investments. We extended the program, making HKHF part of our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of the children and families across Texas. To date, we've helped nearly three million children.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Healthy Kids, Healthy Families initiative invests and partners with nonprofit organizations that offer sustainable, measurable programs.


Texas Health Neighborhood Care and Wellness is helping kids and teens take charge of their health and well-being. Fitness and nutrition staff have collaborated to develop the Healthy Lifestyles program, an eight-week course that teaches children practical habits about exercise and nutrition that they can carry into adulthood.

Healthy Lifestyles emphasizes the importance of leading an active life and learning how to shop, cook and even eat-out healthy. The program began last year and hopes to help more children learn to lead healthier lives through strategies to remove everyday barriers to physical fitness and “everything in moderation” nutrition approach. 


At Sprouts, we believe healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. We love to inspire, educate and empower every person to eat healthier and live a better life. This isn't just a mission. It's our passion. Sprouts is the grocery shopping experience that makes healthy living easy and affordable. Our bright and cheery neighborhood stores offer fresh, natural and organic groceries at incredible prices – and in an approachable setting that feels like an old-fashioned farmers market.


The humanitarian mission of the UT Southwestern Moncrief Cancer Institute organization, we will be a leader in our community’s efforts to fight cancer and reduce its burden throughout the continuum of care utilizing:

  • Education and community awareness

  • Prevention and early detection

  • Behavioral and nutritional science

  • Research and innovative technologies

As Moncrief Cancer Institute continues to evolve, one thing will never change: the mission to provide the best possible programs, services and technologies to prevent, detect and treat cancer.