Stacey Dickson

Stacey Dickson is a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Stacey is a motivational speaker and teacher who bring hope to all she encounters through the gifting of Exhortation.


Her mission and creed in life is to live by example with a servants heart, which simply means to serve with excellence as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:17) She has a core passion for the hearts of God’s people. She enjoys serving the body of Christ daily. Stacey is a member of the St John Church, under the leadership of her spiritual father, Pastor Denny D, Davis, where she has been serving for over 15 years. As the Founder of DancerSize Undignified Dance, Stacey is able to couple her passion of dancing and her ministry purpose to encourage, uplift and help to improve the well being of many.


DancerSize is a line dance fitness class which offers each participant a fun energetic interactive workout. It is known for changing ones attitude toward exercise. Past and current participants have shared how DancerSize has changed their lives. Not only have they lost weight but many have improved their overall health with the decrease in their blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medicine. DancerSize not only offers improved physical fitness; it also is a great stress relief.


Stacey enjoys teaching DFW communities how to dance their way towards a healthy temple!